Major Change

Major Change

Upper-Division Change of Major

Upper-Division students are evaluated using the same criteria and process as those applying to transfer to UF into the Computer Engineering major from an outside institution. Students who transferred into UF in another major are ineligible, as per College of Engineering policy. Please contact our advisors for further details, and see transfer requirements for more information.

Lower-Division Change of Major

Major change applications for lower-division students are evaluated based on in-progress status or successful completion of the six pre-professional courses listed below, as well as timely plan for completion of COP 3502C / COP 3504C (Programming Fundamentals) to ensure on-time graduation.

Course # Course Title
MAC2311 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1 (4 credits)
MAC2312 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 2 (4 credits)
MAC2313 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 3 (4 credits)
MAP2302 Differential Equations (3 credits)
PHY2048 Physics with Calculus 1 (3 credits)
PHY2049 Physics with Calculus 2 (3 credits)

A grade of C or better (first two attempts, withdrawals included) and a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in the pre-professional courses are required for admittance to the Computer Engineering major.

Change Major Process

  1. Review the curriculum and semester plans for the BS in Computer Engineering.
  2. Degree shop by major in ONE.UF to review your academic record on the degree audit
  3. Put together an Academic Success Plan; this is a semester-by-semester plan on what class you will take in the upcoming semesters to graduate. You may find it helpful to review the CpE Info Packet 2201. For students who came after Summer A CpE Info Packet 2218
  4. To change your major to the Computer Engineering program, complete the CpE Change Major Form. After completing the form, directions will be emailed detailing the next step.