Technical Electives

Technical Electives

18 Credits Total

  • At least 12 credits must be from the CISE and/or ECE department(s). These courses must be 3000-level or higher.
  • Courses not permitted as technical electives: any core cores and any class that is listed below in the CpE Technical Exclusion List.
  • A CpE student will have credit for two programming courses (Java and C++). One additional programming language course (not Java or C++) can count as a technical elective; this class has to meet the general requirements of a tech elective.
  • A maximum of 6 credits can come from the following categories:
    1. 4000-level courses in the mathematics department
    2. 3000-level courses in the physics department
    3. 4000-level courses in the statistics courses
    4. Any approved course from the Mathematics department, Physics department, or any department in the College of Engineering
    5. Any advisor-approved course (through petition)

CpE Techical Elective Exclusion List

(Courses that CANNOT be used as Technical Electives)

  • EEL 3000
  • EEL 3834
  • EEL 3003
  • COP 3275
  • CGS 3063
  • CGS 3065
  • CIS 4930 specifically Python for Non-CISE Majors
  • EEL 3872
  • Any class considered a core class