CpE Internships and Co-Ops

CpE Internships and Co-Ops


The CpE program offers students an opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical work experience. The Co-op/Internship program gives students the opportunity to verify academic and vocational interests, gain valuable experience in the chosen field prior to graduation, and earn income that can be used to defray college expenses. The work experience is conducted under approved industrial, business, institutional, or governmental agency supervision.


CEN 4940: Practical Work in Computer Engineering is a 1-3 credit course that may be applied toward the technical electives requirement for CpE undergraduate degree programs. Students may register for CEN 4940 a maximum of three times for a total of three credits. It may only be taken S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). Registration for the course is handled through the Computer Engineering Advising office.

To register for CEN 4940, a formal letter from the sponsoring company describing the nature of the work must be on file with the Computer Engineering Advising office before the end of the registration drop/add period. The letter must indicate that the student will be working approximately 160-480 hours across four weeks or more and that the with is computer science/engineering related, provide a description of the student’s responsibilities, and provide detailed contact information of the person or persons who will be supervising the student during the work. Note that no more than 40 hours per week may count toward the hourly requirement.

To successfully complete Practical Work with a grade of Satisfactory, a 2-4 page Post-Internship Report written by the student, and a formal Evaluation Letter written by the student’s supervisor(s) is due to the Computer Engineering Advising office one week prior to the end of finals week. The Evaluation Letter must include a review of the student’s work during the internship, an evaluation by the student’s supervisor(s) indicating whether or not the student has satisfactorily completed the internship, and detailed contact information of the person or persons who have supervised and evaluated the student’s performance.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the policies on this page
  2. Read the CEN 4940 Syllabus
  3. Complete the Registration Form