The University of Florida, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Computer & Information Science & Engineering department all offer numerous opportunities for students to pursue undergraduate research for credit under the direction of a faculty member. These intensive research opportunities personalize the academic experience and challenge students to strengthen their writing and analytical skills.

Interested students should:

  • Review the EGN 4912 Undergraduate Research Syllabus
  • Contact any faculty member(s) whose work appeals to you and express an interest in doing research for credit. Inquire whether they have any projects you could work on.
  • Complete the registration form, which, upon completion, will prompt your faculty mentor to sign off

Below are several resources to help students pursue an opportunity for undergraduate research.



Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

University of Florida

Once a potential faculty member(s) is chosen, students must discuss and finalize the work they are agreeing to do. Students will then need to register for the credit through the advising office. Please note that any research done must be registered for 0-3 credits using the registration form, which must be completed and returned to the ECE advising office.

Students may also be interested in applying for the University Scholars Program.


CEN 4905 Individual Study allows students to register, for credit, for a faculty-supervised customized independent-learning plan using written materials in an area of Computer Engineering over the duration of a semester. In order to be considered for CEN 4905, the proposed project must:

  • Be in an area of Computer Engineering
  • Involve a plan of study about the selected topic(s) through faculty-curated learning materials
  • Be paired with a *CISE/ECE faculty supervisor using the CEN 4905 Registration Form.
  • be registered for 1-4 credits, depending on the amount of work agreed upon

*A student may use a non-CISE/ECE faculty member at UF:

  1. If that faculty member has appropriate expertise and can oversee a Computer Engineering-related plan of study, and
  2. The student has a CISE/ECE faculty member approve and ultimately take responsibility for the project.

The faculty member will establish and guide the study plan as well as assign a letter grade at the project completion.

For students who are interested in CEN 4905, there may or may not be a faculty member willing to oversee the desired project. Students should not assume a faculty member will be interested or have time to oversee. Therefore, students should start by respectfully asking if a faculty member with expertise in the area of interest would be open to discussing the possibility of Individual Study. If so, students would need to have a conversation about interests, and then follow the faculty member’s lead on how to proceed. If the student and faculty member come to an agreement, they would need to complete the CEN 4905 Registration Form and submit to the CpE Academic Advisors’ office by the end of the drop/add week of the term for which the study will be completed.

Note: The difference between CEN 4905 Individual Study and EGN 4912 Undergraduate Research is that CEN 4905 is learning about something via a planned program of study (“book learning”), whereas EGN 4912 is hands-on application where students are participating in the research project of a faculty member.