The computer engineering major is designed as the union of the computer science and electrical engineering majors. It offers flexibility, allowing students to take a variety of classes within the ECE and CISE departments. Computer engineering graduates stand apart from their peers—CpEs are flexible and adaptable, not limited to either hardware or software, yet masters of both.

The Association of Computer Engineers compiled these testimonials from current students and alumni to assist prospective students in making an informed decision. Of course, the Association of Computer Engineers welcomes students of any discipline, not just computer engineering.

Alice Hartley,
Project Manager of ACE, Computer Engineering c/o 2021
“Computer engineering is a very interesting major since it offers a lot of flexibility in what you are learning and what you want to learn. The core classes of Computer Engineering expose you to a large range of topics in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. From there you are free to define your degree, whether you want to focus more on software, hardware, or some mix of both. I came to UF with a decent grasp of computer science, but I felt like I would get bogged down by some of the early classes and prereqs. So, I started as an electrical engineering major.

I learned in my first semester that computer engineering was available, and I switched into it in the spring. From there I’ve been working through my classes and learning what I think of as full-stack: nand gates to high-level languages like OCaml. Computer engineering has allowed me to pursue what I want while also allowing me to avoid areas that I don’t want to pursue. Because I have the flexibility to pursue what I’m passionate about in my classes, it has pushed me to be a better student and a computer engineer.”

Cory Anderson,
Former President of ACE, Computer Engineering c/o 2017
“During the summers while pursuing computer engineering at UF, I interned for Lockheed Martin Test & Evaluation, State Farm Threat Intelligence, and BAE Systems software. I ended up accepting a job offer from BAE Systems in Arlington, VA as a software engineer supporting a cyber research group. I am working with a research team on a machine-learning network anomaly and intrusion detection system. I am also enrolled in a graduate certificate program in Information Security and Assurance at George Mason University.

UF computer engineering gave me a strong foundation in hardware and software while allowing me the flexibility to pursue courses in other fields of interest like cybersecurity. I am now a software engineer supporting a research group working on cutting-edge machine-learning network anomaly and intrusion detection software straight out of undergrad.”