Association of Computer Engineers (ACE)

UF-ACE-LogoSmallThe Association of Computer Engineers (ACE) is a new student organization at UF that was established for the purpose of creating an environment where students from computer engineering and other related majors can collaborate and effectively work together and further their professional development. After becoming a UF student organization in the Fall of 2014, ACE has already grown to 61 official members (on GatorConnect) and over 130 members on the ACE Facebook. Activities include computer-related projects, presentations, tutoring, mentoring, and special events such as Hackaton (Fall 2014). The ever popular HackerU workshops (Spring 2015) involve building a facial tracker using a Raspberry Pi and servo motors. Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved with a unique and dynamic organization. 

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Computer Engineering at UF

uf-towerComputer Engineering (CpE) is a discipline that embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of computer systems and computer-controlled equipment. At the University of Florida, Computer Engineering (CpE) brings a core competency and unique value of integrated knowledge in both computer software and hardware; along with the engineering analysis, design, and implementation skills necessary to strike a balance among computer systems, hardware, and software as well as theory and application. Studies in Computer Engineering integrate fields from both Computer Science (CS) and Electrical Engineering (EE).

Propective students should follow the admission procedure described below. Also given below is an overview of the CpE curriculum with a link to the curriculum details. Finally, information is provided for career opportunities, including opportunities for internships to provide CpE students meaningful industrial experience and opportunities for undergraduate research, with the ultimate goal of graduation and employment at top companies and/or graduate studies at top universities.


07 Sep 2016
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At the University of Florida, the undergraduate CpE program is jointly administered by the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering ( and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (  A prospective student can be admitted to the Computer Engineering (CpE) program in one of three ways: (1) freshman admission; (2) transfer admission; or (3) change from another major to CpE, each having its own application procedure.  

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Successful applicants become CpE students and are presented with a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to a student’s interest and employers’ needs in the job market. It has a small common core of required course. Specialization in Computer Engineering is provided via technical electives from the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. By properly choosing electives, students can specialize in knowledge areas such as computer architecture, computer system engineering, digital signal processing, embedded systems, intelligent systems, networking and communication, and security.

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Career Opportunities


Many opportunities are available to UF Computer Engineering students for cooperative education and internships to provide students a deeper understanding of the industrial applications of Computer Engineering technologies. Opportunities are also available for qualified undergraduate student to perform research in research labs and centers, working alongside graduate students and top research professors in their fields. Graduates will be prepared to pursue graduate studies in Computer Engineering or they can choose from many different careers related to a very dynamic world of computing at top companies and organizations.

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