UF and Kyoto University Present Cross-Cultural Engineering Seminar Series

The University of Florida Computer Engineering Program, in association with Kyoto University (KU), is pleased to invite all students and faculty to the Cross-Cultural Engineering Seminar Series!

Participants in the series will:

  • Connect with other cultures in their discipline
  • Learn and grow within engineering and STEM fields
  • Experience communicating your interests with other cultures!

Interactive sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Team activities will focus on cross-cultural themes, with teams made up of a mix of students from UF and KU. Registration is via the online form.


Session UF Date & Time KU Date & Time Session Link
1 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Engineering
Tuesday, Oct. 12 8:00 EDT​ Tuesday, Oct. 12 21:00 JST More
2 Human-Centered Design
Wednesday, Oct. 20 8:00 EDT​ Wednesday, Oct. 20 21:00 JST​ More
3 Automation in the 21st Century
Thursday, Oct. 28 8:00 EDT Thursday, Oct. 28 21:00 JST​ More
4 Signal Processing Linguistics: Second Language Accents Wednesday, Nov.3 19:30 EDT Thursday, Nov. 4 8:30 JST​ More
5 What Is the Future of the Home?
Wednesday, Nov. 10 19:00 EDT​ Thursday, Nov. 11 9:00 JST More
6 New Technology & Manufacturing Aimed at Sustainable Society
Thursday, Oct. 18 19:00 EDT​ Friday, Nov. 19 9:00 JST​ More